My Studio

Click above to view my portfolio. Each of these websites are custom built and designed to suit my clients' taste and needs. You will not find two websites that are exactly the same here.


Alexander Hosting & Design Co. will always make sure you get exactly what you want or at least something very close. Even if you are not sure what design you want I will be there to design something for you.


If you want to see the process of each website as it develops, you can see it in "My Studio" to your right. Soon the work from "My Studio" will end up here.

If you click above you're going to see websites that are "Work in Progress". I am keeping this section open to the public so if you are not a client but you are interested in hiring, you can see the process.


If you decide to hire Alexander Hosting & Design Co. you will have your own temporary link to view the website and see all the work as it's being worked on.


Once your website is complete, you will be able to see it by clicking the left box: "Complete Website" of course you will also see it by going to your actual website.

Some of my clients came in with a logo already  Don't worry if you don't have one, I am a graphic artist and I can design a logo for you or your business.


If you also need any other work done such as business cards, brochures, ads or any other thing that requires a graphic artist, Alexander Hosting & Design Co. is here for you.


If you click on the "Branding" box above you will see previous work I've done. I will be posting prices soon, but for now you can get a free logo when you subscribe for my web hosting and maintenance services.


Work in Progress

Complete Websites

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LOGOS, baranding etc.

Alexander Hosting & Design Co. does NOT offer or use templates and WP.

Here at Alexander Hosting & Design Co. the word: "Templates" is a dirty word. Every website is custom built, which means… No templates. I take pride in the work I do and my biggest goal is to design and create exactly what you want, after all, your website represents you and/or your business. So I take it very seriously and make sure you are well represented.


You might have seen commercials on TV telling you, "It's easy building a website, pick your profession, edit the content, add a couple pics and presto! Your website is ready.... Uh... I don't think so. It's never as easy as you think; you will spend months building something and in the end you wont be happy with the results. You needed a company website and decided to build it on your own because you thought hiring someone was too expensive.


Alexander Hosting & Design Co. is on your side. The economy is recovering but its still tough to stay afloat, I am here to work with you and make sure you stay on budget. Click here to view my Pricing.

Technology that makes sense.

I use all the latest and greatest web design programs such as the Adobe Systems. I always try to find the best way to build websites, this way your website will look like it was built today and not look like it was built in 300 b.c.